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Elementary My Dear…

Some people might remember my first ever post. However, most of you may not since my blog as about one reader…thanks to my wife. Anyway, my first post was to profess my love of the program OpenShot Video Editor. Well, my love runs even more deeply now… Why?


I’m very excited about this. Mostly because I’m not a programmer by any means, so ever since I’ve been using Ubuntu and Linux in general, I’ve wanted to give back somehow. Thanks to the OpenShot developers, I have!

I created a theme to match the Elementary Icons and theme used in the Gnome Desktop Environment. I submitted it to the OpenShot User Forum and the creator took a liking to it. My theme even made it on to OMG! Ubuntu.

As of OpenShot 1.1 my theme is now an option that can be selected for all users!

Click Here to learn how to create your own OpenShot theme.