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Ubuntu Cares

One of my favorite new things about Ubuntu 10.04 is the UbuntuOne Music Store. It’s quite similar to iTunes, but built for flawless integration with Ubuntu 10.04.

However, the Music Store is more than just a place to buy music. It’s a place to help save an endangered species. The Lynx.

Here’s how…Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the new release from Ubuntu, is code-named the Lucid Lynx. Unfortunatley the Iberian lynx is endangered with some estimates putting the numbers as low as 150 animals remaining. So at Canonical we’ve decided to give our users the chance to help the people at the charity SOS Lynx.

If you’re thinking about buying music online, please try using the UbuntuOne Music Store.

To contribute to the charity all you have to do is buy a track at the normal cost. That’s it. Canonical will give away 50% of their share of the revenue up to a total of $1004. You can of course directly contribute to the charity if you prefer.