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Wanna Help Ubuntu?

Have you ever has that desire to help Ubuntu, but didn’t know how to do it? I know that I’ve always searched for ways to help out, but I’m and not a programmer by any means. I typically help out in the best ways I can..

Well, now there’s another way to help out. While this is not a new way of helping, it’s new to me. What is it?

Have you ever wondered where those screen shots come from in the Ubuntu Software Center (USC)? Who uploads them? Why are some so outdated? Well, they come from And guess what.. You can upload screenshots to them! All you have to do is follow their simple guidelines and submit a screenshot. If your screenshot is accepted, it will be available for all to see in the Ubuntu world!

What are the guidelines?

  • Screenshots are published under the terms of the packaged software itself.
  • Your screenshots must be in PNG format.
  • Due to legal reasons screenshots for non-free packages aren’t accepted.
  • Images larger than 800×600 pixels will automatically be reduced to that size (retaining the aspect ratio of course). So if you like to control the exact result of what you upload then make sure your image size is no larger than that.
  • Your screenshot should contain a typical scene when working with it. When snapshotting a browser load the home page. A screenshot of a graphics program should have a drawing loaded. Of a game please make a screenshot while you are playing and not of the start screen.
  • Nice tools for taking screenshots are shutter, ksnapshot (KDE), gimp, xwd or scrot. See the Debian wiki for more information on how to make screenshots under Debian.
  • You need not artificially switch off your window decorations.
  • Please set your language to english so that everybody understands it. If you don’t use english by default please start your application from a shell using after setting “export LANG=C”.
  • Please only take a screenshot of the respective application and not of your whole desktop (unless the screenshot is meant for a window manager).
  • Interlaced PNG files cannot be processed currently. Please use non-interlaced images.

Remember: your uploaded screenshot will not be visible immediately. It will first be checked by the admin team. It is already visible to you though.

It’s simple, easy, and allows you to help the FOSS world. Happy uploading!