Server Build

Operating System: 

Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition (If next LTS comes out, using that instead) 

 Needed For: 

  • Photo Gallery
  • Blogging
  • Media Center Storage (Separate Build)
  • Email Server 

Software: L.A.M.P. 

System Backup: 

Photo Gallery: 



  • Personal Family Blog (Will require User Credentials)
  • Linux Blog
  • Video streaming using Flowplayer 

Will be making a shift from Blogger to WordPress. 

Media Center Storage: 

This is a separate project to be done after the server is built. 

Email Server: 

This is only a possibility. May not do this at all. 

Documentation for possible future expansion… Ubuntu Documentation 

Server Hardware Needs:  


  • Case
  • Power Supply (Depends on the case)
  • Mother Board
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disc Drive (May use an external drive)
  • Hard Drive(s)


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