About Me

I’ve been using Ubuntu for a couple of years now. I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but for the large majority of my experiences, they have been ups. I really find that the challenges that I’ve faced, have been fun for me. Fixing the issues has allowed me to grow my knowledge of how a computer truly runs. It’s given me a new perspective and a new found desire to learn more.

How did I get in to Ubuntu?

While at work one day (I work technical support for a Video Relay Service), my friend and I started thinking of ways that we could improve our services and the way we interact with challenges. During the research of this, my friend read an article about Linux.

Spurring my curiosity, I started looking in to Linux and what it can offer us. I never could have comprehended how many different distributions of Linux there could be. However, while searching, I kept seeing the name Ubuntu pop up very often. Seems that it was the most widely used version of Linux available to the home user.

After talking with some of the engineers in my company, I found that 90% of our servers were running Ubuntu Server Edition and that most of the guys had a lot of experience with Ubuntu. One of the guys burned me and my friend a copy of the latest version (8.04) to a CD. I really had no idea how to use it.

During all of this time I knew that I wanted to build myself a new computer for my home. My wife and I were both already laptop owners (Vista and XP), but I wanted something powerful that was in desktop form. I decided that I would build my box as an Ubuntu based computer. If it failed to function I could always install Windows over it.

It didn’t fail.

Everything went relatively smooth. As with any noob to Linux, there were some speed bumps along the path. Sound not working correctly and getting the video resolution set correctly. But like I mentioned before…I loved learning how to fix the problems.

I loved using Uubntu so much, I backed up my Laptop and installed Uubntu on it. Vista was giving me a hell of a hard time and it was running crazy slow (10 minutes for a full reboot). Needless to say…lappy is running great now.

My Wife…the Ubuntu user

My wife had her struggles with using Ubuntu. It was so very new to her also, and she is not a computer enthusiast. For her, it’s just a tool for work and a way to connect to the internet.

Well, one day her lappy died on her. Kept getting the BSOD on every boot up (Even when booting in to safe mode). After diagnosing the problem, it turned out that Windows didn’t like the hard drive. Saying that it was corrupt and basically un-useable. I wasn’t going to let that be true…

I convinced my wife to allow me to try installing a Linux distro on her lappy. She was quite hesitant since she was so used to having XP. But she let me try it out with a promise from me of, “If you really hate it or struggle too much…I’ll re-install Windows on it.”

I tried a few smaller distros since her lappy is older and not so powerful. Some worked ok, but to my amazement…Ubuntu was the best choice for her. She had already been used to it from our desktop, so it was a smooth transition. Since then, I’ve beefed up her lappy.

Oh and by the way…the hard drive runs perfectly. Corrupt my ass.


This blog is where I will share my experiences with Linux, mainly Ubuntu. Here, one will see the good, and even the bad, experiences that I have had thus far. I will do my best to try and share with readers the solutions that I’ve discovered along the way. Hopefully some things that are seen here will be useful to someone.