Gnome DO | Docky

Since almost day one of my Linux experience, I’ve loved the idea of having a Mac-like dock at the bottom of my screen. I’ve never really been fond of the Windows-like panel that comes by default. The first dock that I used was Avant Window Navigator and I was very happy with it, and I still think that it’s an awesome dock. However, I decided that it was time for a change.

Enter Docky.

Docky is a dock that is actually a theme used by Gnome DO. In my personal opinion, it looks and feels more like the Mac dock than AWN does. It’s been a great dock to use lately, however there are couple of cons:

  • Difficult to change program icons.
  • Does not allow for custom launchers (if it does, please enlighten me.)

I have finally learned how to edit the icons that appear for programs in Docky.

Disclaimer: This requires opening Nautilus as root. Please be very careful that you do not hurt your computer while doing this. If you follow the steps here, your computer will be fine.

Open a terminal and type in this:

gksudo nautilus

This will open Nautilus as root. Please navigate to:


Now locate the program that you would like to change the icon of. Right click on it and open it’s properties. Change the icon. Close Docky completely and open it again. You should now see your preferred icon.

EDIT: Since writing this post I’m no longer using Gnome DO | Docky. I was feeling a bit limited by it and wanted something with more functionality. That’s when I discovered Docky! No, you’re not reading this wrong and I didn’t mistype. I’m using Docky.

The creator of Docky split from the Gnome Do project to do their own thing. In the process of this, the functionality of Docky has grown tremendously! If you look at my March screenshot, you will see that I have two docks. One at the bottom that houses all m programs. One of the left that houses all my Nautilus locations and mounted drives.

Check it out, you’ll love it.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Gnome-Do is great but I'm still stuck with AWN :)..I feel the same as you, I love how Macs look, can't really afford one though :P..Linux did make it free for me


  2. I still like some of the functionality of AWN better, mostly the 3D bar. Also, have you checked out Mac4Lin?


  3. Posted by daniel on April 29, 2010 at 10:11 am

    FYI, when opening GUI apps with root privileges it’s preferred to use “gksudo” NOT sudo. Here’s why:


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